Understanding Benefits in Kind

Benefits in Kind (BIK), often called perks or fringe benefits, can be tricky when it comes to payroll. A BIK…

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5 Requirements for Scalable Global Payroll

With interest rates low and the dollar strong, it’s no surprise that 81 percent of companies surveyed by Wells Fargo…

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The Aggregator Model: What’s in a Name?

In today’s data-driven world, aggregators are everywhere. Content aggregators collect news; and there are aggregators of events, mortgages, polling data…

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Global Payroll: Customer Service Starts with Communication

What’s the greatest frustration when dealing with customer service? Communication! It’s common in any industry, and it even happens for…

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Global Payroll Reporting: Information to Insights

So, your payroll is being processed, and for the most part is running smoothly.  But, do you have a clear…

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Global Payroll: Importance of Data Integration

Want disgruntled employees? The quickest way is to make sure their paycheck is late! Or not enough. While “money isn’t…

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