Global Payroll Week: Celebrating the Value of Global Payroll

Global Payroll Services

We know payroll is more than pushing a button! This week is about recognizing and celebrating the unsung heroes of the global payroll world who work tirelessly to ensure people around the world have access to their wages accurately and on-time, every time.

The art of global payroll is about having the knowledge and understanding needed to navigate all the country complexities whilst ensuring complete control of the statutory commitments your organisation needs to make. Payroll specialists are not just people that crunch numbers, they are people that have a true understanding of complex calculations, steps and processes involved in global payroll and the expertise to know how they can utilise cutting edge technologies to support day to day processes and governance to ensure accuracy and compliance every pay period.

As a result of this, the impact payroll has on your colleagues’ lives is huge! You are not just in control of making sure your people get paid, you are responsible for ensuring that your colleagues can support their lifestyle, pay their mortgages, and most importantly enjoy a life outside of their employment that they strive to work so hard for.

Payroll is more than just a payslip! As an expert in your field, your role is to get the most out of your payroll, elevating it from existing as just an administrative function to a strategic process that your business can start to benefit from and truly see tactical gains. 

Below shows you the value of global payroll and some of the key areas your payroll positively influences your business:

  • Informed decision making through reporting and analytics allowing your teams to make improved judgements based on data.
  • Consistent quality global payroll delivery, ensuring payroll is accurate, on-time, every time.
  • Enhanced employee experience: employees are engaged and focused on their work because they know they will be paid.

During Global Payroll Week, the global and in-country payroll community come together with the shared aim of heightening the visibility of the global payroll industry, increasing the global payroll professional’s expertise through training and networking opportunities, and to honour our valuable achievements around the world and our growing strategic importance to any organization. The role of the payroll professional has never been more pivotal and being a GREAT member of the payroll team can make you invaluable for a business.

Now isn’t that something worth celebrating!

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