March 01, 2021

Senior Manager, US and International Payroll Operations

This position will oversee, lead, and manage expansion of Payroll and Implementation team with International expertise in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Latin America (LATAM), North America, and Asia Pacific (APAC).


Work closely with many clients on a day-to-day basis to professionally deliver a quality payroll service. Review time sheets, work charts, wage computation, and other information to detect and reconcile payroll discrepancies. Compile employee time, production, and payroll data from time sheets and other records. Work closely with the Global Payroll Operations Director to deliver projects, company objectives, introduce consistent processes and assist in driving the business strategies forward.


Collaborate with clients throughout the payroll operations process, updating clients on payroll progress and proactively addressing issues. Manage and deliver client payrolls against the agreed schedule – communicating directly with clients and external third parties to meet or exceed the client deadlines. Acts as the primary operations contact point for various countries, developing and maintaining detailed knowledge of the statutory processes for those countries and working closely with the implementations team to take-on new payrolls and clients.





Requires a Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Business, Accounting, Psychology, Sociology, Management, And Human Resources or a related field plus 5 years of experience in Payroll Operations, or a related field.


Requires skills and experience to involve: global client account management and payroll processes including Europe, middle east and Africa (EMEA), Asian Pacific (APAC), North America (NA) and Latin America (LATAM); gross to net engine and evolution payroll system software; evolution payroll systems and gross to net engine; Microsoft excel software; processing payroll on EMEA, LATAM, APAC, and NA;

Managing global complex and demanding clients relationships; supporting client’s payroll implementations; managing in country partners (ICPS) who provide gross to net and compliance capabilities; and utilizing zendesk for client queries, management and issue resolutions. Position supervises 6 individuals.


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