Innovative technology

As leaders, we’re never, ever satisfied. We empower our team to bring new ideas forward with a focus on technology innovation to allow our clients to reap benefits like:

  • Enjoying a greater level of control and management of the payroll process
  • Leveraging a leaner payroll calendar
  • Feeling confident about being future-ready

Our customers see payroll as more than a cost to be managed. They view payroll as a critical touchpoint, one which improves their employee experience by providing global reporting in a unified global platform.

robert foster
iipay ceo


A culture of innovation

To remain on the leading edge of global payroll, we encourage all of our employees to share ideas and suggestions for enhancements to our current offerings. It starts with our account managers and customer service personnel who hear first-hand from our clients where there may be any issues or concerns. It is imperative that our leadership is also constantly reviewing our technology and thinking of ways to enhance our services. The iiPay leadership is a team who listens to feedback and seeks out ways to improve.

What’s on your mind?

We’d love to help you with your global payroll challenges.