International payroll isn’t only about where...

it’s about why.

You care about your people. And as your business expands, a unified global payroll portal ensures your people get the best care. iiPay’s flexible platform and international payroll experts won’t lock you into a fixed unchangeable system. The iiPay cloud-based payroll, tax and treasury solution fits your business now and in the future. Employees are more productive knowing they can depend on you, so keep them smiling – anywhere and in any language.

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Global Payroll Association Awards Announce iiPay as Winner of the Global Payroll Supplier of the Year 2020


Global Payroll Association Awards Winner for Global Payroll Supplier of the Year 2020


Global Payroll and Big Data Initiatives

Without a global payroll solution, big data usually comes in a wide variety of formats, which makes synthesizing data manual and time-consuming.


What You Need to Know

5 Frequently Asked Questions about a Global Payroll Implementation

Global Payroll Services

Implementation of a global payroll solution is a months-long task that can at first seem daunting. But, understanding the process…


Gaining Local Buy-In for a Global Payroll Strategy

Global Payroll Services

These insights provide advice on establishing a collaborative process with each country within a company that is pursuing a global payroll strategy.


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Create an Effective RFP

 Going through an RFP (Request for Approval) process is one effective way to ensure you are getting a new provider that meets your needs. iiPay has gathered questions that we often see within RFPs to support you in  finding a trusted Global Payroll Partner. Download our Excel template and get started on your Global Payroll RFP today.

“iiPay helped build a solution that produces centralized, global payroll data for HR and Finance analysis at the touch of a button.”

Cerian Morris, Human Resources Manager, Nuvias


We deliver accurate and compliant payroll across the globe — providing you with instant access to payroll data, global reporting and ePayslips from a convenient central system.


We deliver valuable information to employees, help payroll administrators reduce operations costs, and improve the employee experience through our centralized global ePayslip service.


We consolidate and report on your payroll data, across all your countries, giving you total control and visibility of your payroll — with access to any transaction, at any time, in any currency.


We deliver tailored treasury services, minimizing the number of transactions, eliminating multiple bank charges and mitigating the risk of transferring large quantities of money internationally.


No matter what you need help with — country-specific laws and regulations, data integration or payroll process optimization — we bring the expertise to drive efficiencies and help you scale your business.

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