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Technology and Service in Harmony.

Combining innovative technology and service excellence ensures your employees get paid on time and compliantly in over 170 countries. Data management innovation, compliance hub, and employee experience at the centre of iiPay’s global payroll solution.


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"We needed a partner that had flexible technology and processes due to our growth rate. It had to be scalable! This was the driving force behind our decision to choose iiPay”



We deliver accurate and compliant payroll across 170 countries, providing peace of mind for your business whatever the location.


The global portal ensures process consistency and payroll governance globally. The workflow platform provides a complete oversight of all payrolls, all milestones and all data objects, from within one single ecosystem.


Insights is an analytics dashboard that gives clients the power to make informed business decisions and provide transformational business intelligence and data interrogation real-time.


Global payments wherever your employees are. Taking care of both your employees and 3rd party tax authorities.


Delivering value to your employees helping payroll administrators reduce operations costs, and improve the employee experience through our centralized global ePayslip service.

Global Payroll Money Movement – A Strategic Advantage

Compliance and Security| Global Payroll Services| Global Reporting

Is international money movement costing your company money? With global expansion, comes the need to manage funds across borders, and to ensure it is done efficiently, securely, and without costing you more than it should.


Emerging Technologies and Future Proofing your Payroll

How to Future Proof your Payroll by reviewing working now to Embrace Innovations of the Future. Let’s explore a few ideas about how to bring automation into your payroll process.


What You Need to Know

4 Valuable Metrics for Global Payroll Reporting and Analytics

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The 5 Most Complex Payroll Compliance Issues with Additional Pandemic Challenges

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Ensuring compliance has always been a headache … staying ahead of each country’s legislation becomes more complex…


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