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  • Seamless Integration
  • Global Reporting
  • Global Gross-to-Net
  • Treasury Services



About iiPay

Inconsistent reporting, compliance complexities, and disjointed integrations make knowing the cost of employment a challenge and hinder the ability to make informed decisions. But a new approach solves this gap with a solution that combines a best-in-class global payroll solution with innovative, gross-to-net capabilities to change global payroll forever.



  • Is one vendor and one point of contact for all your payrolls
  • Sharply reduces dependence on in-country payroll processors
  • Provides a clean, comprehensive view into an organization’s global payroll landscape
  • Grants clear visibility into your global payroll data, at an employee and corporate level, for timely and accurate reporting
  • Integrates with your HCM/HRIS system for static data, as well as variable data such as time and attendance, expenses, benefits, and more
  • Handles the entire gross-to-net process in every country to provide a consistent, global view for dependent stakeholders with general ledger, consolidated gross-to-net reporting, and employee self-service ePayslips