Global Payment Solution

Tailoring Payment Solutions to Suit Your Unique Needs

Effortlessly manage your global payments with iiPay's comprehensive solution, powered by HSBC. Our user-friendly, step-by-step approach simplifies the complexities of international transactions, allowing you to focus on your business priorities. Leave the intricacies of payment processing to us, and experience seamless, hassle-free payments worldwide.

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    Compliant. Our Global Payments Solution ensures full local compliance and liability, giving you peace of mind.

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Pay in >130 Currencies
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Global Payments at a Glance

Global Payments

Tailored Payment Flexibility

At iiPay, we understand that one size doesn't fit all when it comes to global payments. That's why we offer you the flexibility to tailor your payment processes to suit your unique requirements.

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    Choose PUSH or PULL funding methods on our platform for full control over your payments.
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    Say goodbye to unnecessary FX costs and streamline your cross-border payments with our extensive range of payment currencies.
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    Fund your transactions in up to 14 currencies.
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    Simplify your payment operations by operating from a single currency account while making payments in over 130 currencies.
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    Experience full transparency and peace of mind.
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    View comprehensive statements and transaction reports.

Secure Funds Management

iiPay ensures the highest standards of security and compliance as an FCA-regulated Authorised Payments Institution, in partnership with HSBC. Our approach prioritises the security and integrity of your funds by opening physical, fully segregated client accounts. Unlike virtual accounts, which can lead to issues such as problematic return allocation and unclear originator information, our method ensures clarity and reliability in your payroll payments. These accounts adhere to the Payment Services Regulations 2017, guaranteeing that your funds are always safeguarded – providing peace of mind and financial security.


What funding options are available with iiPay's Global Payments Solution?

iiPay offers flexible funding options tailored to your needs. Choose between Single Currency Funding or funding in up to 14 currencies, providing versatility and convenience in managing your international payments.

How does iiPay ensure competitive exchange rates for currency conversion?

iiPay provides access to competitive foreign exchange rates, helping you minimise currency conversion costs and maximise savings on international transactions.

How efficient are payment disbursements with iiPay's Global Payments Solution?

iiPay's Global Payments Solution streamlines payment disbursements across multiple currencies and countries, ensuring timely and accurate payments to your global workforce.

Can iiPay assist with compliance requirements for international payments?

Yes, iiPay is committed to compliance excellence. Our Global Payments Solution includes compliance assurance, allowing you to navigate complex payroll regulations effortlessly with our expertise and adherence to international legislations.

How does iiPay facilitate funding transfers for international payroll?

iiPay offers seamless fund transfers through various methods, including push or pull payments, SWIFT MT101s, and bank transfers, ensuring efficient and secure transactions tailored to your preferences.

Can iiPay accommodate payroll payments in multiple currencies?

Yes, iiPay's Global Payments Solution supports payments in over 130 currencies, enabling you to manage payroll across diverse international locations without the hassle of currency conversion.

What reporting and visibility options are available with iiPay's Global Payments Solution?

iiPay provides comprehensive reporting and visibility features, allowing you to track and monitor payment transactions, access statements, and generate customised reports for enhanced transparency and control over your payroll operations.

How does iiPay ensure the security of funds and sensitive payroll data?

iiPay prioritises the security and integrity of your funds and payroll data. Our platform employs bank-grade security measures, data encryption protocols, and robust compliance standards to safeguard your financial information and mitigate risks associated with international payments.

Can iiPay assist with onboarding and training for using the Global Payments Solution?

Yes, iiPay offers dedicated support and training resources to assist with onboarding and implementation of the Global Payments Solution. Our team provides guidance and expertise to ensure a smooth transition and optimal utilisation of the platform for your payroll needs.

How does iiPay differentiate its Global Payments Solution from other providers in the market?

iiPay stands out in the market by offering a comprehensive and flexible Global Payments Solution tailored to the unique requirements of multinational organisations. With a focus on efficiency, cost-effectiveness, compliance, and customer satisfaction, iiPay delivers a superior payroll management experience unmatched by competitors.

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Secure Funds Management

Ensuring the highest standards of security and compliance in partnership with HSBC.

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