Data Security Best Practices in Global Payroll

When working with sensitive Personally Identifiable (PI) information, a fundamental part of the data required for Payroll, security is paramount.

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The Benefits of Integrating Global Payroll

Many companies are still trying to make their square peg (unintegrated global payroll systems) fit into a round hole (efficiency and scalability).

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Establishing a Global Payroll Strategy: Where to Start

For this blog, we focus on the state of your global landscape, and four key areas that will have the greatest impact on forming your global payroll strategy.

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Embracing change: A look at three payroll trends in 2019

The global payroll industry evolved quickly in 2018 with tighter integration needs, increased regulations and a higher demand for cloud…

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3 Strategies for an Effective Integration of HCM Technology with Global Payroll

Human capital management (HCM) applications are the backbone for organizations, enabling them to manage all aspects of their workforce. However,…

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Two Questions to Consider When Processing Trailing Stock

Offering stock options as an employee benefit is a long-standing practice that many organizations across the world have adopted as…

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