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By Sarah Townsend | Updated April 3, 2024

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After operating a fragmented global payroll with prior providers, this client turned to iiPay to support their rapidly expanding global operations.

The partnership commenced in 2019 when they collaborated with iiPay to handle 43 payrolls encompassing 1,784 individuals in 7 different countries. This decision was influenced by iiPay’s strong reputation in EMEA, their established relationships with ICP partners, and their seamless payroll solution.

Building on this initial success, the client continued their collaboration with iiPay in 2021, moving away from their previous vendor of a decade. In this phase, iiPay successfully managed 66 payrolls for an employee base of nearly 10,000.

At present, the client is further deepening their partnership with iiPay as they embark on a new transitional business model in LATAM. This ongoing project involves the handling of 21 payrolls for 5,000 employees. iiPay was chosen for this endeavor due to their expertise in managing new country setups and their alignment with the client’s payroll and business objectives, all in line with the corporate vision.

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Project Challenges:

  • Largest population outside of US; stagnant processes, no innovation, highly manual
  • Poor relationship between ICP/Vendor. No direct lines of communication
  • Lack of Employee portal leading to poor employee experience
  • Delayed process with reporting
  • Unreliable updates for compliance
  • No visibility in reporting; stagnant reports with significant delays; no ad hoc reporting
  • Unpredictable expenses due to manual outputs
  • Multiple systems in one country

iiPay’s Solution:

  • Standardized process for all payrolls
  • Tailored solution ensuring safe and successful transition for all payroll
  • Dedicated payroll specialists and account management
  • Reporting package – predetermined payroll reports that push to client after payroll runs
  • Employee Self-service Portal
  • Rapid, flexible and accurate expansion process for acquisitions
  • Experienced payroll team with knowledge of UK legislation

Project Results:

  • Full visibility to payroll process 24/7
  • Automated Workday output driving payroll input processes
  • Centralised Treasury process streamlining payroll payment process
  • Average 99.5% draft payslip accuracy through 2022
  • From receiving the data to sending the bank file in 7 working days
  • Further expansion partnership including full outsourcing project
  • Employee Satisfaction

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