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By Sarah Townsend | Updated April 3, 2024

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Electric Automobile and Clean Energy


This Fortune 100 company designs and manufactures electric vehicles and energy generation and storage systems. They’re building the most advanced high-volume electric vehicle production plant in the world – a 740-acre factory capable of manufacturing 50,000 electric cars per year. It’s expected to become a big part of the company’s growth strategy and help accelerate electric vehicle adoption in Europe.

The work will require 10,000 employees and four shifts. The goal for the corporate payroll team was full-service payroll implemented in 3 months. iiPay reached a business-as-usual state with 99.8% accuracy 2 weeks early.

Our client’s experience with a well-known payroll service led them to believe that a global payroll provider could not meet the new factory’s payroll operations requirements. The payroll team assumed they would have to find the systems and add to their payroll staff.

They approached iiPay because of our reputation for disrupting international payroll with exciting innovations. They soon realized that better technology and an in-house payroll function would not achieve the company’s objectives. To be completed in under three months, such a complex project would require a proven partner with advanced technology, collaborative integration expertise, and a complete team of experienced payroll professionals dedicated to the company’s German operations. It required iiPay.

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Project Challenges:

  • Accelerated implementation timeline
  • More efficient payroll processes
  • Scalability
  • Automation technology
  • Service support
  • Languages and cultural considerations
  • Local regulations knowledge and compliance
  • Payroll staffing

iiPay’s Solution:

  • Technology: iiPay systems automate tedious tasks and identify anomalies during data submission and calculations verifications.
  • Transparency: Process efficiency and systems integration professionals were on hand from the very first meetings. We called on experts in Germany to assist with planning and implementation. If a glitch occurred, we told the client and fixed it fast.
  • Legislation and Regulation Compliance: iiPay shares regular legislative updates, significantly reducing the risks of unintended non-compliance.
  • Collaboration: We have monthly performance reviews to measure success and ensure we have a platform for discussing areas for improvement. These meetings are also an excellent opportunity to communicate changes in legislation.
  • Project Management: The iiPay team that would take over operations attended every meeting with the implementation team and the client’s corporate payroll group to ensure a seamless hand-off to operations.

Project Results:

  • Every aspect of the implementation was finished on schedule or ahead of time.
  • The client reduced payroll process actions from 12 to 1 in just three months. Multiple steps and manual tasks were eliminated or automated.
  • The advanced technology, best practices, and verifications are faster and more efficient.
  • iiPay’s automated systems verify both the data submitted and the calculations for each payroll, assuring the highest accuracy rates and on-time delivery of payrolls.
  • The iiPay Global Workflow Portal Dashboard displays real-time payroll data. Deep drilldowns within the dashboard present up-to-the-minute costs per payroll and elements reports.
  • A consistent approach to processes and formats for payroll submission is now in place.
  • A meticulously documented structure was implemented for cost centers and pay elements.
  • iiPay account leaders are empowered to make things right for clients without unnecessary approval hurdles.
  • The employee portal shows that the company cares about our employees’ payroll experience. Their private documents are secure and available on their personal devices. Employees can make changes to their banking information, etc., without waiting.
  • The corporate payroll team is free to focus on strategic goals now that iiPay delivers our German payroll.

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