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By Sarah Townsend | Updated April 3, 2024

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An international clothing retailer with numerous locations across the UK, Europe, Asia, and the US recently faced the challenge of managing payroll on a global scale. With their business rapidly expanding worldwide and a history of running payroll operations in a decentralized manner for eight years, they sought the expertise of a payroll management partner.

In just eight months, iiPay successfully implemented payroll solutions in 11 countries, streamlining and centralizing the payroll process. For the company, ensuring accurate and timely payments while complying with local legislation is paramount. iiPay is known for its distinctive approach, which involves closely collaborating with clients and tailoring payroll operations to meet the dynamic demands of the retail industry.

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Project Challenges:

  • Inconsistent processes across each country
  • The client operates in a shared service environment, so it’s essential to transfer payroll data consistently, following the same pattern for each country and payroll.
  • Performance
  • Transparency of performance ensures that any correction will be dealt with quickly.
  • Payroll Insight
  • Payroll data is imperative to support business decisions and provide stores with clear visibility of costs associated with running stores.
  • Clear visibility of payroll charges and invoicing process
  • It’s key to efficient planning to have a clear and consistent budgeting process across all countries and currencies.
  • Consistent and accurate process for paying our employees and the whole payroll cycle (Finance Accounts)
  • With employees based worldwide, the client needs robust methods to ensure that employees receive payments, and our finance team can correctly code back payments from Journals and Gross-to-Net back to reports.

 iiPay’s Solution:

  • Project management met all critical milestones planned through a deep and comprehensive due diligence process before deal closure.
  • The implementation and operations teams worked together with the company’s payroll team through setup and parallel runs, guiding the way.
  • Every new country is simple to onboard. The partnership that has grown between the iiPay operations and client teams makes everything run smoothly, even with tight deadlines.

Project Results:

  • Employees are paid on time and accurately around the globe.
  • iiPay’s knowledge and access to country regulatory agencies have significantly reduced the risks of delays and fines.
  • iiPay is responsive and deals with the changeable retail environment. They resolve last-minute and sometimes complex requests quickly.
  • Consistent processes, from input and contacts to reports and data, made a significant difference, saving time and reducing mistakes.
  • Integration with Finance has simplified procedures to correctly code back payments from Journals and Gross-to-Net back to reports.
  • iiPay has become a reliable ally of the client’s payroll team.

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