Enhanced Employee Self-Service in Global Payroll

By Sarah Townsend | Updated October 11, 2019


In today’s modern technology-focused world, it’s important to provide your global employees with access and visibility to their payroll data. Unbelievably, this doesn’t happen with all global payroll providers. Below are some things you should look for in a global payroll provider to ensure that your employees have what they need to feel secure about their information:

Web-based system

A web-based system will allow employees to log on from anywhere in the world as long as they have internet. They can gain immediate access to their past and present payslips, as well as country-driven information such as year-end documents, using any web-enabled device (i.e., computer, tablet, phone). The best system will allow the employee to view their payroll data in either local or corporate language from within the same system. An employee’s ability to view this data will reduce the number of payroll related questions that need to be fielded as they can see the information first-hand.

User based log on details

With security breaches being a risk all around us these days, employees are sensitive to the security of their payroll data. Log on should be specific per employee, allowing the employee to choose their password and update it at any point. This saves time for both the employee and HR as it reduces the need to contact the Payroll Manager for password resets. It also reduces security risks by preventing cross-access by different individuals.


There are several benefits of using a global payroll provider with enhanced employee self-service:

  • Reduced calls to HR for simple payroll queries.
  • Reduced paperwork and clerical tasks for human resources and payroll departments, freeing them up for analysis, strategizing, planning, etc.
  • Faster answers to employee questions.
  • Increased accuracy to employee questions, due to cutting out the middle person.
  • Engages employee in their own payroll information and provides opportunities to find errors or issues more quickly.

The Employee’s View

For the employee, there’s not much that’s more important than accurate, on-time payroll. With the world moving more toward automation and self-service, employees expect to have visibility to their payroll information in an easy-to-access format. Being able to see their payroll data first-hand gives the employee a better understanding of what is included in the payslip, including deductions for items like insurance, and taxes based on in-country regulations. Having this access gives employees more control and leads to higher satisfaction. Most organizations recognize that when an employee is engaged in their own employment, they are more motivated, and it increases efficiencies across the organization.


It is increasing important to make sure that your global payroll provider has a portal for employee self-service for viewing their payroll and making queries. It helps your HR and payroll departments and increases employee satisfaction. It’s a win/win for everyone.

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