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By iiPay | Updated July 16, 2019

Global Payroll Services

For two decades, international companies have been saddled with desperate global payroll systems. Inconsistent reporting and disjointed integrations makes knowing cost of employment a challenge. But a new approach solves this gap with a solution that combines a best-in-class global payroll solution with differentiating, gross-to-net capabilities to change global payroll forever.

It’s one vendor, reduced reliance on ICPs, and one payroll point of contact. It’s one system for visibility to your global payroll data, at an employee level and corporate level, for accurate reporting. It’s one system that integrate with your HCM system for static data, as well as your sources for variable data, such as T&A, expenses, benefits, etc., and with financials for general ledger.

iiPay is moving beyond the practices of the past to deliver accurate, timely and compliant payrolls in every region of the world. Our global payroll technology platform gives clients instant access to payroll data, global reporting and ePayslips from a single, central system.

How We Got Here

2003 – We set out to fix the global payroll problem by developing a technology platform that would integrate in your technology stack and provide global visibility to your workforce via reporting. We marketed this technology to large multinational companies and managed payroll service providers.

2005 – Global payroll providers began utilizing the iiPay technology to consolidate gross-to-net. This validated iiPay as the best-in-class technology for multicountry payroll processing, while remaining free of botched conversions from client server software.

2012 – We realized that while iiPay technology was great, the service around it could be improved. So we launched our Global Payroll Services to continue our quest to solve the global payroll problem. Our growth once again validated our technology and service philosophy.

2016 – iiPay realized that the current model needed to be changed and acquired the technology that has processed gross-to-net payroll in 21 countries. We are integrating that technology into our best-in-class global payroll solution. That combines the best aggregator technology with an innovative enhancement to minimize the ICP.

IiPay has now been implemented by more than 270 companies in more than 150 countries, making them more efficient, compliant and adaptable with improved employee productivity and satisfaction.

What You Get with iiPay

Centralized Gross-to-Net – Employers today need a comprehensive view of global payroll, so that they can manage payroll effectively and in a way that provides the flexibility to adapt to rapid change. That’s just what iiPay delivers with our new Global Gross-to-Net capabilities, which give a multinational customer a comprehensive view of payroll operations around the world, improved data reporting analysis, and greater accuracy and efficiency.

Global Reporting – iiPay represents a single system repository to securely store and report on your payroll data, creating an independent source of payroll data and enabling instant access to current and historical information. iiPay provides an easy mechanism to import variable data from third-party systems and can structure the information to optimize your local and corporate reporting needs. The system is designed to support any company or country.

Seamless Integration – iiPay integrates with our clients’ human resource information systems to interpret and process pertinent payroll data. Using this process to drive the payroll process improves ensures data integrity by allowing the system of engagement to drive data to payroll. iiPay has a proven track record of integrating with all the major HCM systems, including Workday, SAP, PeopleSoft, NuView and Oracle.

Control and Visibility – The iiPay system is modular, designed to address either specific areas or the entirety of your global payroll process, providing a platform to consolidate your global and local payroll processes. iiPay works to maintain detailed payroll data, in maximum granularity, for every transaction, on every payroll, for every employee, in every country. iiPay is tailored, through configuration, to address the individual needs of every client’s payroll environment.

Increased accuracy and efficiency – iiPay creates productivity savings across the global payroll landscape. The delivery of detailed global reporting in local and corporate currencies to corporate leadership within seconds of payroll completion and the consolidated, common approach to global payroll administration ensures an accurate, efficient, locally compliant and ultimately effective payroll department within any multinational business.

With iiPay your organization also gets:

Consolidated View. No more fragmentation of payroll data by country caused by disparate in country software.

Extensive Reporting Capabilities. Ad-hoc and point-in-time reporting, for any payroll, in any currency.

Deep Analysis and Insight. Group by any pay field or organizational unit.

Views of Individual Employee Pay Histories. Instantly access detailed pay data by payroll and employee.

General Ledger Reporting. Get reports formatted for your accounting system.

Rapid Implementation. Reduce implementation time through configuration, not customization.

Single Sign-On (Federated identity). Electronic payslips delivered securely from your corporate network.

Employee Self-service. Direct employee access to payslips, in multiple languages.

The future of global payroll is here, and iiPay can deliver it.

Our goal is to provide services underpinned by technology, compliance and treasury management that exceed client expectations in every aspect of the global payroll management process. Schedule a no-hassle demonstration to learn more about iiPay’s cutting edge capabilities.

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