Global Payroll: The Evolution of iiPay

By iiPay | Updated July 16, 2019

Global Payroll Services

International payroll software as a service, as with many industries, is evolving to fit the modern needs of clients. For the first time in nearly two decades, global payroll practitioners can utilize integrated technology and tailored services to effectively scale internationally. But, managing global payroll wasn’t always this easy.

Payroll departments were among the first to use computers. Ironically, they were among the last to move business to the cloud. As enterprise technology rapidly advanced, it seemed to leave the payroll world behind. This forced payroll practitioners to become reliant on disparate systems and manual processes.

In the early 2000s, iiPay recognized the need to improve the international payroll process and set a course to change global payroll forever.


iiPay developed a technology platform that could effectively integrate with third-party human resource and finance platforms to provide global visibility. The company marketed this technology to large, multinational companies and managed payroll service providers.


Global payroll providers began utilizing iiPay’s technology to consolidate gross-to-net, international payroll. This validated iiPay as a best-in-class technology for multi-country payroll processing, while remaining free of botched conversions from client server software.


iiPay sought to complement this technology with an appropriate level of service. The company launched a global payroll service offering to solve the fundamental challenges of global payroll. The company’s growth once again validated the technology and service.


iiPay realized that the current model needed to be changed and acquired a technology that has processed gross-to-net payroll in 21 countries. That technology was integrated into the iiPay solution to combine the best aggregator technology with an innovative enhancement to minimize dependence on in-country providers.

iiPay has been implemented by more than 270 companies in more than 150 countries, making the solution more efficient, compliant, scalable, and adaptable with improved employee productivity and satisfaction.

The Future

The future of payroll technology is moving toward Artificial Intelligence which will go beyond “no-touch” payroll. The payroll operations teams will drive significant changes in the global payroll knowledge management process, including the automation of updating statutory rates and rules in each country.

Innovation is a continual process. The international payroll industry will continue to improve in creative ways to meet the needs of clients, and iiPay will continue to lead the way.

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For two decades, global companies have been saddled with disparate global payroll systems. That’s in the past.

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