Payroll Lite

Proven Payroll solution delivering a compact, clean Payroll package for smaller businesses in rapid time.

Our Payroll Lite solution provides your business all the uncompromising features of our existing leading payroll software. We deliver the complete package and get you up and running in accelerated time.


Payroll Lite Features:

  • Payrolls live within 3 months
  • Pay up to 250 employees in up to 5 countries
  • Standardized data input across all countries
  • Global payroll compliance
  • Standard reporting format globally
  • ePayslips in local and corporate language

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The Agile Affordable Global Payroll Solution for Small Business – iiPay’s Payroll Lite

We understand the needs of small businesses and most importantly keeping a motivated set of employees to help deliver the ambitions and goals of your business.  We at iiPay are here to support that with a ‘Lite’ touch payroll approach across over 170 global locations whilst providing a standardized unified solution worldwide to help you gain control of your payroll costs.

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Standard Uploads

Quickly calculate employee pay and manage the payroll process. Just import company and employee data with the iiPay intelligent upload template.

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Standardized Reporting

Consolidate and report your payroll data, across all countries, for total control and visibility of your payroll – with access to any transaction, at any time, in any currency.

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Employee ePayslips

Reduce operations costs and improve the employee experience through our centralized global ePayslip service.

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Finance Reporting

Standard finance reports support monthly reconciliation by your finance individuals or team.

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Centralized Funding

Deliver a single, centralized funding solution, minimize transactions, eliminate multiple bank charges, and mitigate the risk of transferring large quantities of money globally.

We’re here to innovate.
For Business. For People.

Our reliable, efficient and cost-effective Payroll Lite solution is the perfect scalable payroll solution for your business as you expand globally. With a seamless upgrade path to an enterprise level offering, we are here to service all your payroll needs as you continue to grow.

See for yourself why some of the most recognizable names in global business trust iiPay.