PODCAST: The iiPay Difference – Contracting

By iiPay | Updated March 17, 2023

Global Payroll Services Podcasts

Commercial global payroll services contracts can be complex and time-consuming. Are there ways to simplify the contracts and the contracting process? Well, now that you ask, yes, there are!

In our latest podcast we hear from Darren Morris, Commercial Director, Supply Chain at iiPay, who talks us through some of the typical challenges we see in the global payroll industry and how to approach these issues to create a better solution. Below are just a few of the key considerations:

  • Use standard contract templates
  • Negotiate key terms in advance
  • Define roles and responsibilities clearly
  • Ensure compliance with local laws
  • Include termination clauses
  • Use electronic signatures

Overall, simplifying the contracting process for global payroll services involves careful planning, negotiation, and documentation. By following Darren’s tips, you can help ensure that your contracting process is efficient and effective.

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