PODCAST: The iiPay Difference

By Sarah Townsend | Updated March 20, 2023

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Overseeing a successful Global Payroll program is complicated.

From managing multiple suppliers around the world, to keeping up with major country legislation updates, to reporting overall costs up through your Finance Department – there is always something that is both urgent and complex. It is no wonder that many companies struggle with global payroll.

We at iiPay understand these challenges. We have dedicated our 20+ years in the Global Payroll industry to creating efficient solutions and helping our customers with continuous improvement.

What makes the iiPay solution so valuable?

We have created a simple, standardized approach to global payroll. We take the workload off of our customers and provide consistency, transparency, and a commitment to compliance.

This is The iiPay Difference.

Our Podcast Series introduces you to many of the facets of our solution, so you can understand how we do it.

These short podcasts are designed to give you the basics and hopefully help you identify ways to improve your own global payroll program.

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