An Update to our Client Partners about Coronavirus from iiPay

By Sarah Townsend | Updated April 4, 2024

As we move into another week of virtual remote working during the current COVID-19 global pandemic, our teams remain hyperconnected to help you deal with the constantly changing complexities of payroll during this crisis. As we focus our efforts on taking the pressure off an increasingly strained global workforce, we remain committed to providing you with the service you expect and that those working continue to receive the income that supports their livelihoods. During this very challenging time, we share common anxieties, are supported by the technology available to us to work virtually, and remain committed to our team’s health, safety and pay.

iiPay has continued to ensure the following:

  • Implementation teams continue to use a well-defined process to deliver on commitments to go-live with quality, timeliness and within budget.
  • Payroll processing has continued to ensure that we communicate the status of payrolls processed with a focus on ensuring your employees are paid on-time, accurately and compliantly.
  • iiPay Knowledge team is continuing to distribute payroll and legislative changes resulting from COVID-19 every few days. Please let us know if there are contacts you would like added to the distribution list to receive these updates.
  • Our teams are communicating through Skype, Teams and Zoom. In some cases, we have increased normal level communication and try to encourage video call where possible to maintain a relative level of human interaction.
  • Technological advances allow us to operate through a cloud-based system, our operations are highly durable and secure ensuring that our data security and privacy practices are maintained throughout.
  • Client Services is continuing to roll-out our Global Portal. We are on track to deploy Release 4.9 in May which will enhance the system to support future development objectives, ensuring performance improvement.
  • Regular communication with ICPs continues in order to monitor their situation and currently, no third-party has been impacted.

We recognize that COVID-19 represents an unprecedented challenge for our clients and for iiPay. Throughout this period, we remain committed to ensuring that we keep our teams healthy and safe and delivering on our commitments to provide you with the service that you expect. This is our top priority. Stay safe.

The iiPay Team

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