A Message to our Client Partners about Coronavirus from iiPay

By Sarah Townsend | Updated April 4, 2024

A Message to our Client Partners about Coronavirus from iiPay

With numbers of those affected by Coronavirus (COVID-19) rising daily, the health and safety of iiPay team members is paramount. Our team members are critical to ensuring that you continue to receive accurate, timely, and compliant payrolls. iiPay’s Business Continuity Plan has measures in place that cover the scenario of a pandemic resulting in the absence of staff members and access to facilities, similar to the risks posed by COVID-19. All staff members can complete their regular working activities remotely and, should it be needed, there is a procedure in place to transfer responsibilities to alternative team members. We have processes in place to manage the handover of short-term deliverables to other team members and to reassign payroll/client ownership, should lengthy absences be experienced.  In addition, we are ensuring that our data security/privacy practices are maintained throughout.

We are taking a proactive approach to manage the risk posed by COVID-19, and we have restricted all business travel. We are continually reviewing Guidelines from the governments relating to our global locations. We continue to take precautionary measures in all locations with additional hand sanitizers, tissues, and more throughout our offices. Should any individual have any symptoms that may be connected to COVID-19, they will be transitioned to work remotely while tests are completed. The same precautions are taken should any team member have any acquaintances/family members showing any symptoms. Employees will undergo self-isolation until tests are completed and results are received.

The situation will continue to be monitored daily and updates will be made to our approach if/as required.

Currently, there is no impact to iiPay staff or locations, including our in-country partners (ICP’s).  We have contacted all ICP’s to review their plans so that COVID-19 does not impact service delivery. Some ICP’s have already moved to remote working and services have been maintained. Communication with the ICP’s will be frequent, in order to monitor their situation. Currently, no third-party has been impacted. We are extremely focused on ensuring there is no disruption in iiPay services. 

The technology available to us allows us to continue to meet with and speak to our clients and ICP’s ‘virtually’.

We do feel that it is prudent to trial remote working for all employees this week to ensure that we maintain our service levels and ensure that our client employees are paid on-time, accurately, and compliantly.

iiPay is independently assessed and certified against the requirements of ISO 27001, the International Standard for Information Security Management which mandates implementation of suitable controls for Disaster Recovery. As such, we have taken guidance to put the necessary above precautions in place.

We recognize that COVID-19 represents an unprecedented challenge for our clients and for iiPay. Throughout this period, we remain committed to ensuring that we keep our teams healthy and safe and delivering on our commitments to provide you with the service that you expect. This is our top priority.

The iiPay Team

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