iiPay Ignites the Rewards 2023 Stage as Triple Finalists in Global Payroll, Innovation, and Technology Categories

By Sarah Townsend | Updated April 4, 2024

iiPay, a leading provider of cloud-based global payroll software solutions, is thrilled to announce that it has been shortlisted as finalists in three prestigious categories for The Rewards 2023, organized by the Reward Strategy. The categories in which iiPay has secured its place as a finalist include Global Payroll, Innovation, and Technology.

The Rewards, an esteemed event in the payroll and reward industry, recognizes outstanding achievements and innovation in the field. Being shortlisted in three categories underscores iiPay’s commitment to client service excellence and technology innovation in the global payroll landscape.

This recognition comes on the heels of iiPay’s consecutive victories in the Global Payroll category in 2021 and 2022. The company’s consistent success reflects its dedication to providing unparalleled payroll solutions on a global scale.

T. Curtis Holmes, CEO of iiPay, expressed his enthusiasm about the shortlisting, stating, “We are honored to be recognized as finalists in three categories for The Rewards 2023. At iiPay, we are driven by a passion for client service excellence and technology innovation in global payroll solutions. This acknowledgement reaffirms our commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and setting new client experience standards in the industry.”

The Global Payroll category recognizes iiPay’s expertise in delivering seamless payroll services across borders, ensuring compliance and accuracy for businesses with a global footprint. The Innovation category celebrates iiPay’s forward-thinking approach and creative solutions that address the evolving needs of the payroll industry. In the Technology category, iiPay’s cutting-edge technologies and platforms that enhance the payroll experience have been recognised.

The Rewards 2023 ceremony, scheduled for 15th November, promises to be a landmark event, bringing together industry leaders and innovators to celebrate the accomplishments of companies that have made a significant impact in the payroll and reward sector.

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