iiPay Releases Insight 2.0 for Powerful and Impactful Analytics

By Tester Tester | Updated April 4, 2024

Payroll, HR, and Finance Leaders Get Instant Access to Analytics Data that Facilitates Strategic Decision Making

Dallas, Texas and Cheltenham, United Kingdom – June 29, 2021

Integrated International Payroll (iiPay), a market leader in cloud-based global payroll and recently recognized as Global Payroll Association (GPA) Supplier of the Year, announces its new release of Insight 2.0, a powerful analytics platform with rich visualizations with up-to-the-minute, granular insights. This intuitive analytics capability mines data across a vast range of touchpoints, helping companies better understand their data that enables more informed decision making.

In Gartner’s “Top 10 Data and Analytics Trends for 2021” report, they cite that “Data and analytics trends can help organizations and society deal with disruptive change, radical uncertainty and the opportunities they bring. The goal of composable data and analytics is to use components from multiple data, analytics and AI solutions for a flexible, user-friendly and usable experience that will enable leaders to connect data insights to business actions.” 

iiPay Insight 2.0 addresses these trends that Gartner describes by uncovering the root causes of anomalies, contrasting payrolls, addressing gender pay gaps, and comparing performance by country all through intuitive visualizations in a single global platform. Insight 2.0 allows leaders to analyze elements such as bonus, overtime, healthcare contributions, and absence, and so much more.

“In a global, dynamic environment, businesses have become more data-driven to manage complexity and ensure sustained business performance. Powerful, actionable analytics are key to this digital transformation,” said Curtis Holmes, iiPay Chief Operating Officer. “Our global payroll clients describe our analytics capabilities, Insight 2.0, as ‘powerful’, providing ‘access to information they’ve never been able to leverage before,’ ‘amazed at how this will help forecasting,’ and ‘can now move from siloed to a 360-degree view of their data.’”

Professionals in HR, Finance and Payroll can take control of their data with the unique insights that previously took days of analyzing to what’s now available by simply viewing visually compelling and actionable data. Seeing headcount growth or decline, significant absences, or cost distribution can alert these professionals to see trends and better understand their payroll environment.

About iiPay: iiPay is a service-focused global payroll provider, driven by their innovative cloud-based technology. iiPay’s technology solution empowers Payroll, HR, and Finance professionals through advanced data management, analytics, and business intelligence functionality, enabling the user to access and report on any global data at any time. Focused on outcomes, iiPay reduces complexity, centralizes and simplifies multi-country payroll processes, and ensures compliance in every country for their clients. iiPay is focused on being more than a payroll vendor; instead, it strives to be a true partner and an extension of their clients’ payroll teams, rather than an external provider. iiPay’s relentless focus on service and software enhancements and the continued expansion of their footprint reflects the vision of the company to simplify global payroll and the ambition to ‘Pay the Planet.’

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