The Makeup of a Successful Global Payroll Support Team

By iiPay | Updated February 27, 2020

Global Payroll Services

When considering a new global payroll provider, it’s important to identify a vendor that offers a dedicated support team to work with throughout the project lifecycle. This helps ensure a successful and smooth transition from implementation to ‘business as usual.’ The titles may change, but this group should include members from, but not limited to, the following teams: Implementation, Operations, Project Management, Client Account Management, Treasury and Business Analysts.

A comprehensive project plan should be completed at the start of each country’s implementation and resources should be allocated to ensure full completion of each activity. Resources should be tracked through the provider’s risk management and appropriate mitigation (prioritization of resources) applied where necessary by senior management.

Below is a brief description of the roles undertaken by a dedicated global payroll services support team:

Project Team


Implementation Consultant

  • Responsible for ensuring the successful implementation of the payroll system leading the requirements, set up, parallels and transition into live operations
  • Main point of communication with ICP and key liaison with client

In Country Partner (ICP)

  • Work alongside provider to provide local payroll knowledge in country
  • Completes gross to net calculations during parallels and live operations

Project Manager

  • Responsible for producing and managing the project plan (timelines), managing the risks and main point of communication to client
  • Point for escalation for all project related issues

Payroll Operations Lead

  • Responsible for managing the payroll processing and reporting during live operations
  • Main point of communication for client during live operations

Treasury & Service Management



  • Responsible for setting up the payment methods
  • Responsible for managing invoicing

Client Account Manager

  • First point of contact for any service issues during project phase and live operations
  • Manages any additional scope requirements and overall health of the project



Chief Operating Officer (COO)

  • Final point of escalation during for both the project and during live operation

Global Implementation Director

  • Escalation for all implementation queries (after Consultant)
  • Overall accountability for the implementation phase (from requirements through to transition to live operations)

Head of Project Management Office

  • Escalation for all project queries (after Project Manager)
  • Overall accountability for the end to end project timelines & risks (from pre-contract phase through to transition to live operations)

Operations Director

  • Escalation for all live operational issues/ queries (after payroll lead)
  • Overall accountability for delivering great service once payroll has been implemented and is in live operations

In the end, success and failure in a global payroll implementation project is often a function of the provider chosen and how that determination is made. With an experienced team in place, focused preparation and a steady pace, everyone involved can not only finish this race, but finish strong.

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