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By iiPay | Updated August 24, 2023


iiPay is a market leader in cloud-based global payroll solutions on the strength of technology that solves the global payroll gap. iiPay sharply reduces dependence on in-country payroll processors; and its gross-to-net engine provides a clean, comprehensive view into an organization’s global payroll landscape.

The Challenge

Inconsistent reporting, compliance complexities, and disjointed integrations make knowing the cost of employment a challenge and hinder the ability to make informed decisions. But a new approach solves this gap with a solution that combines a best-in-class global payroll solution with innovative, gross-to-net capabilities to change global payroll forever.

The Solution

iiPay is one vendor and one point of contact for all your payrolls. iiPay grants clear visibility into your global payroll data, at an employee and corporate level, for timely and accurate reporting. iiPay is one system that integrates with your HCM/HRIS system for static data, as well as variable data such as time and attendance, expenses, benefits, and more. Our solution handles the entire gross-to-net process in every country to provide a consistent, global view for dependent stakeholders, with general ledger, consolidated gross-to-net reporting, and employee self-service ePayslips.

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