#WDAYRising Insights: The Future of Financial Services: Adapt, Innovate and Thrive

By iiPay | Updated September 14, 2022

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Emerging financial services trends are challenging executives to rethink and upgrade their technology portfolio to adapt to changing business models, drive innovation and retain and engage their employees. We joined this session to learn more about the future of financial services and engage with other financial services leaders who share how they are taking these challenges head-on to adapt to changing business conditions and drive innovation within their organizations.

When operating in a challenging business environment that requires more agility now more than ever before, we heard from similar companies to iiPay about the factors to consider that are beyond our control and those that are within our control:

Macro factors beyond our controlWhat we can control
Domestic and international economic resultsCompetitive differentiators
InflationTransformation investments
Interest rates and monetary policyPortfolio simplification / realignment
GeopoliticsESG adoption and approach
War in continental EuropeTalent and future of work
RegulationRole in a Trust based world
Supply chainSupply chain
Climate changeAgility to respond
Discipline to help deliver the expected outcomes

Like iiPay, in a time of unprecedented complexity, Financial Services companies continue to invest heavily in their digital transformation such as Human Capital, Advanced Analytics, GL, Biometrics, Cloud Migration, Payments, Mobility, Workflow, Core Banking, and AI/ML.

Why is this?

  • Pandemic-driven digital adoption
  • Increased impact of digital native companies
  • Ability to access and act on data in real-time provides a huge advantage to businesses
  • Evidenced that FSI’s can compete in a fully digital world

What does this mean to the customer?

The market is transforming at an accelerated pace, and for you this means your people – and their stakeholders – expect more than ever, reliable financial and human capital data is at the center of an effective growth strategy.

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