Yes, Truly Global, Consolidated Payroll Reporting Exists

By iiPay | Updated May 8, 2019

Global Reporting

Payroll has one main focus: ensuring employees get paid the correct amounts, on time.

Beyond the need for accurate, timely payments, the biggest frustration we hear in the market is that payroll professionals need a simpler way to produce global reports. Often, the information comes in from various vendors in various forms and the payroll professional is left to manually consolidate it in order to report on the data.

Customers are seeking vendors who offer total control and visibility of their payroll. In addition to a standard set of built-in reports, these vendors must work with the customer to configure and design additional custom reports to ensure payroll reporting requirements for the company are met. Additionally, the vendor must consolidate multi-region payroll data in a single reporting database, allowing the client to efficiently construct reports to analyze data in their chosen currency, and to meet the requirements of various audiences within their organization.

The iiPay Difference

The iiPay system will hold Gross-to-Net pay data in the most granular forms, i.e. by payment and deduction per employee, for each period, on each payroll. With data held in this detail, and the standard configurable reports available, our clients can drill down and produce a multitude of outputs, enabling in-depth analysis and detailed reporting functions, and providing truly meaningful reports.

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