Benefits of Payroll Lite for Smaller Businesses

By iiPay | Updated April 29, 2020

Global Payroll Services

In uncertain or challenging times, companies need options to scale up or down quickly. They need data at their fingertips vs. relying on resources who may not be available at a moment’s notice. This is one of the reasons iiPay continues to innovate on behalf of its clients.

Whether global, regional or just one country, smaller businesses are looking for reliable solutions that further reduce risks during situations such as pandemics. For payroll, this means compliance, accuracy, standard reporting, global funding and a centralized platform.

With Payroll Lite, iiPay introduces a solution that addresses these needs with the ability to go live within 3 months. The platform makes payroll data accessible over the cloud within a secure environment in real time. Payroll Lite offers many benefits to accommodate agility and affordability for businesses with 250 employees, across up to 5 countries, addressing the needs of small businesses around the world.

Single Place for All Your Reporting Needs

Our solution brings together all data required for payroll to help report information in its most granular form, providing consistent data management and analytics. Our use of technology provides businesses with a platform to scale.

Expertise at your Fingertips

iiPay serves our global clients in 5 locations across the globe providing real time feedback and expertise to support your businesses needs as you grow.

Access to Online ePayslips

iiPay understands that pay is vital to each individual worker. It’s their food, housing, clothing, education – all the basics of living. Each employee’s confidence lies in their company’s ability to pay them on time and accurately for their hard work so they can support themselves and their families. With the centralized portal, employees have access to ePayslips, giving them visibility into their deductions, sick leave and taxes, among other data. Employees leverage built-in features 24×7 such as viewing the ePayslips in their currency and their language from any device. Online access for employees also helps payroll administrators reduce operations costs and improve accuracy.

Standard Upload Template for All Payrolls

With Payroll Lite, companies can import all company and employee standard data with our intelligent upload template to ensure iiPay calculates your employee’s pay and manage the payroll process. This solution also delivers a single, centralized funding solution to all your employees regardless of location, making payments in all local currencies. iiPay delivers treasury services, minimizing the number of transactions, eliminating multiple bank charges and mitigating the risk of transferring large quantities of money internationally.

Expertise, Experience and Access to Technology

Business needs means there can be a requirement for companies to scale up and down as global or even local events impact the economy and small businesses. We understand your expectations with versatility, scalability and compliance at front of mind.

To learn more about iiPay Payroll Lite, please visit our solution page or to discuss further with someone, get in touch with a member of the team.

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